5 Parts Of Your Car You Need To Check & Repair In Winters

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5 Parts Of Your Car You Need To Check & Repair In Winters  Winter season delivers a bad impact on your vehicle. The car is a machinery that may get jammed in a cold season. Between the freezing temperature and snowfall, winter can deliver a number of issues to your vehicle. Apart from getting jammed, some parts of your car become rusty and increase the risk of damage on road. This is why, every car owner is suggested to give attention to their car during winter. The most important car parts get affected by the cold season are as given below:

Tie Rod

The piece of metal attached to your steering rack for the steering knuckle is a tie rod. You may not able to turn the steering as it has a problem. Moreover, shaking the tie rod at the high speed can even be dangerous for you.


If your car’s battery is exposed in too cold temperature, it can be harder on the alternator. Over the winter, if you find your car takes time to get started, you need to test your car’s battery and repair it as soon as possible.


During the snowing winter, the risk of cracks in the windshield increases. If your car has gone through windshield damage due to heavy snowfall, you need to repair this.

Front Brake Pads

If your car has an ABS locking system, it will surely be not working after winter. The cold winds affect it and it releases the grinding and squeaking noise while you driving. The irritating noise is the sign that you need to consider its repair.

Suspension And Struts

The suspension and struts prevent your car from the potholes. It mostly becomes waste due to either winter or rough driving. So, you need to check and repair it.

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