Auto-Paint-&-Prep-WorkAre you planning to get your vehicle painted? If yes, you have landed at the right place. Bodyworks Auto Collision in Brampton is a name to trust when it comes to proper paint preparation to ensure maximum effectiveness. Our team of car painting experts in Brampton takes each and every step of painting seriously so as to provide quality refinish to your car.

How We Do It?

Prior to the refinishing of your vehicle’s colour and top coats, the correct foundation must be applied under the appropriate environmental conditions for effectiveness. Ar Bodyworks Auto Collision, we follow the latest technology and tools to invest in the utilization of:

  • Forced air-heated prep station or optional ultraviolet & infrared commercial lamps are used individually for specific applications to cure the undercoat prior to painting.
  • Like kind & quality undercoats to all substrates, including an epoxy primer for metal conditioning, a sealer primer for colour transparency & flex additives for paint-to-plastics adhesion.
  • Environmentally-friendly equipment (our employees are all health & safety-trained).

Whole Car Painting In Your Budget

When it comes to painting a used or damaged car, there is a lot of difference between repainting and refinishing. A car that is repainted and one with an immaculate fresh paint finish looks quite different. When you choose us for car repainting in Brampton, rest assured your vehicle will look no less than a new car. We start by ensuring the body is solid and free of rust and uneven surfaces. To provide quality service, we’ll remove all the mirrors, trims and accessories to leave not even a single place untouched.

Our process includes:

  • Body repair
  • Surface preparation
  • Surface sealer
  • Paint service
  • Protection & car
  • Finishing & waxing

Ask About Our Warranty Protection Program

Our trained technicians access the complete refinish panel, which prevents paint peel-back and complies with Bodyworks’ warranty protection program. Contact us today for a free auto repair estimate or for more details about our quality paint/prep work!

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